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Mix and match to create your own sticker set!

Mix and match to create your own sticker set!

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Here's the chance to make your own sticker set of 6 or 10 from available sticker sets that I have!

Stickers you can make your set from are:

★Sailor Moon★
Sailor Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Pluto, Chibiusa, Serenity, Tuxedo Mask, Uranus, Neptune, Luna, Artemis, Diana, Queen Beryll, Luna Cat, Artemis Cat, Sailor Cosmos, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon

☆Magical Girls☆
Karin, Ichigo, Tutu, Nanoha, Sakura, Amu, Madoka, Luchia

☆ Cubs☆
Maple, Cheri, Bluebear, Stitches, Judy, Pekoe

Bones, Biskit, Cherry, Goldie, Cookie, Lucky

☆ Rabbit☆
Bunnie, Ruby, Chrissy/Francine, Coco, Carmen, Genji

Kiki, Lolly, Raymond, Tangy, Rosie, Punchy
Felicity, Kid Cat, Rudy, Moe, Mitzi, Ankha, Kabuki, Merry

☆ Sheep☆
Stella, Vesta, Willow, Wendy, Pietro, Muffy, Dom

Spring Marshal, Fall Marshal, Winter Marshal, Tube Marshal, Ball Marshal, Firework Marshal

☆ Bob☆
Bob Nap, Bob Wave, Bob Net, Bob Fish, Bob Wish, Bob Water

★Winter Villagers★
Sherb, Diana, Flurry, Sylvana, Roald, Marina

☆ Nook Family☆
Timmy, Tommy, Tom Nook

★Sanrio Villagers★
Etoile, Toby, Chelsea, Chai, Marty, Rila

☆ Squirrels ☆
Tasha, Poppy, Blaire, Hazel, Filbert, Peanut, Static, Agent S

★New Villagers★
Ione, Sasha, Chabwick, Ace, Azalea, Shino

☆ Elephants ☆
Tia, Ellie, Eloise, Dizzy, Cyd, Axel


All stickers:

~ are die cut
~ are about 2"
~ have a white gloss finish/matte finish
~ colours may differ slightly from the pictures


Canada: ~7 business days
United States: ~14-30 business days
International: ~30 business days

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